Answers to all your questions

The course is three months long (24 hours), with two one-hour lessons a week. At the end of the three months, you’ll be able to have general conversations in Arabic. You can extend your lessons further, if you’d like to practise or to learn specialist vocabulary.

The price for the 3-month course is 990 USD (paid in three monthly instalments) or 800 USD (paid in advance). You can book a free trial lesson before you decide.

One-on-one lessons are the most effective.

Arcana Institute is located in Bahrain. However, it is no longer a language centre as the focus has been shifted on building Arabic Online School. Arabic lessons are still being offered on Skype until the launch of the digital courses.

Fluency is a life-long pursuit; it’s difficult to define and even more difficult to measure. It’s also hard to divide fluency into levels: you’re either fluent or not. ‘Proficiency’ is a more suitable word. Once you complete the course, you’ll be proficient enough to have a conversation in Arabic that would last at least an hour. I’ll then teach you how to increase your vocabulary on a daily basis. The objective is to get you to a level where you no longer need language instruction. 

Your level and learning pace will be assessed during the trial lesson, and you will be placed accordingly.

  • BA, Philosophy
  • Arabic teacher for 11 years