We are hard at work, but due to the current situation, we have been experiencing unforeseen delays. Our new launch date is set for 1 April 2022. Please be patient with us and subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t already so you could get updated. You can see the projected timeline below.

If you spend twenty minutes a day learning, you will complete the course in three months. The system will deliberately lock you out for twenty four hours after each lesson. This is done to improve your retention and to help you build an atomic habit.

Fluency is a lifelong pursuit. It is far too abstract of a term to have any functional or measurable use. ‘Proficiency’ is a more suitable and measurable term. Our modules are divided according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Once you complete the course, you will be an independent user at the B1 level. 

According to CEFR, B1 is described as ‘Can understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure, etc. Can deal with most situations likely to arise whilst travelling in an area where the language is spoken.  Can produce simple connected text on topics which are familiar or of personal interest. Can describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes & ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.’

Our larger mission is to get you to the B2 level without needing any additional courses or instruction. We plan on introducing more advanced modules in the future.

Due to the nature of the learning management system we have in place, it is difficult to assess and place students individually. If you are an advanced learner, we recommend that you start from the beginning, but focus on your pronunciation and speed.

Arabic Online School is a subscription service. Our monthly membership costs 12 USD , and grants you access to all of the courses. The introductory courses are free of charge and only require a registration. Everything under the ‘Resources’ section of the website is free of charge.

We really care about results, and so it is important for us to measure our students’ progress in order to make the necessary improvements.

You can only login from one device at a time. If you decide to share your credentials, you risk losing your progress and your account might be subject to deletion.

Established in 2010, Arcana Institute is still based in Bahrain. We are no longer a language institute as the focus has been shifted to digitising our Arabic courses and building Arabic Online School. AOS is just the start, we plan on introducing more language courses in the future including Latin, Classic Greek and Aramaic. Our newfound mission is to make these dead or dying languages easily accessible to everyone in order to preserve the rich cultures in which they are embodied.

Our head instructor and the voice in the recordings, Shehab Ali, is still offering private online lessons over Zoom. You can get in touch with him using the contact form. You might be placed on a waiting list, and he will stop accepting students on1 April 2022. Bare in mind that the standard costs of private lessons are high. Of course, our aim is to make language learning affordable to everyone through the learning management system, but in the time being, this is the only option we can offer you until our official launch on 1 April, 2022.


Our Progress

1 January 2020
We officially closed our doors to students and started working on digitising our Arabic courses.
1 January 2020
1 April 2022
Official Launch
We will have the full learning management system in place, and we will launch with the first part of the Gulf Arabic course (A1 & A2). The following week, we will begin working on the final modules of the Gulf Arabic course, so that newly subscribed students would not have to wait between modules.
1 April 2022
1 September 2022
Gulf Arabic Course B1
On the 1st of September, the Gulf Arabic course will be completed and available to our subscribed students. We will immediately start recording the Modern Standard Arabic course.
1 September 2022
1 April 2023
Modern Standard Arabic (A1 & A2)
One year after our official launch, we will release part one of the Modern Standard Arabic course. The course will be available to all our subscribed students at no additional cost.
1 April 2023
1 September 2023
AOS Completed
On the 1st of September 2023, AOS will be fully completed with the final modules of the Modern Standard Arabic course.
1 September 2023