Answers to all your questions

The course is twenty-four hours long. Each lesson lasts an hour. If you take two lessons a week, you’ll complete the course in three months, at which time you will be competent enough to converse in Arabic. You can continue taking lessons if you wish to learn more vocabulary in a specific field. You will, however, have the tools to continue learning on your own.

40 USD per lesson.

One-on-one lessons are the most effective since everyone learns at a different pace.

Arcana Institute is located in Bahrain. However, we no longer receive students. The lessons are delivered exclusively over Skype. This is simply far more convenient for everyone.

Fluency is a life-long pursuit; it’s difficult to define and even more difficult to measure. It’s also hard to divide fluency into levels: you’re either fluent or not. I’d rather use the word ‘proficient.’ Once you complete the course, you’ll be proficient enough to have a conversation in Arabic that would last at least an hour. I’ll then teach you how to increase your vocabulary on a daily basis. My objective is to get you to a level where you no longer need language instruction. 

No matter your level, I’ll adjust to your proficiency and learning pace. 

I have a BA in Philosophy with a minor in Linguistics. I have been teaching Arabic to non-native speakers since 2010. In 2012, I started an institute in order to handle a larger number of students. In 2015 we decided to stop receiving students in order to focus on building an online digital platform for Arabic learners. Arabic Online School is set to launch in early 2020.